Connected Charging Solutions for Energy Intensive Industries

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Asema Consulting is a design specialist that delivers customized services to transform energy intensive firms, including logistics, utilities and industrial players, to modern, open, renewable energy driven operations.

From broad strategic concepts to the details power grid components and the bits in the networks, we know the whole value-chain of networked equipment. With expertise in EV charging, computer networking, information security, big data, and electrical networks, we analyze, design, and implement systems for delivery planning, activity tracking, energy use optimization, real-estate management, and asset management.


The starting point of most energy optimization projects is the collection of data from a range of sensors embedded in on-field equipment. Asema has years of practical experience in the process of reliably logging, cleaning, and analyzing large quantities of measurement data. We know the requirements and limitations of wired and wireless measurement equipment and can also build custom sensors for various applications.


Measurement without any option to remotely affect the phenomenon causing the data is in many cases useless. Adding actuators and remotely controlling them adds an additional layer of complexity to communication reliability, device battery life and a range of other issues. Asema is a specialist in solving such issues in practice with significant in-house expertise in equipment maintenance.

Remote Maintenance and Monitoring

A major source of value for connected systems is the remote operation and preventive maintenance of assets in the field, which greatly reduces the personnel cost involved. Asema has developed and delivered systems that monitor and track assets in both in stationary locations and in moving equipment. We know how to track and report operating hours, wear-and-tear and downtime accurately and reliably and how to correlate that with data from probable sources of error.

Market operations

For energy intensive operations a second source of value is participation in the energy market, either as a source of energy or as adjustment reserve. Asema has designed and implemented systems that allow organizations to trade this value in the market automatically, based on modern IoT sensoring and controls, and capture the value in the imbalance of daily operations in the energy networks.


IoT Strategy

The Internet of Things is reduced into a set of buzzwords unless grounded into a proper business purpose. In practice, for instance data captured from the field rarely proves useful unless cross-correlated with some operational data that actually reveals the root causes of events.

Asema can help in defining the critical connection points between new technological opprotunieities and the existing business. We make cost-benefit analyses, customer value calculations and organizational design that define how the new connectivity opportunities actually generate business.

Find the value of data

Just sensoring things for the sake of collection and analysis is seldom the optimal solution. Usually the real value is revealed when its impact on other data is found.

Analysis and specifications

Like in any new technology, in IoT the market is full of differing offerings, each with their own features and characteristics. Finding a suitable choice and especially consolidating systems in a large corporation with multitude of suppliers can be a daunting task.

Asema can help in making sense of the available technology portfolio. With practical expertise from protocols, data standards and various layers of IT systems, we specify the optimal components and help in acquiring them from their respective suppliers.

Achieve data collection flexibility

Modern systems do not require you to know all measurements beforehand, we can help in building solutions that retain flexibility in measurement operations.

System Integration

An intent or plan is nothing unless put into action. Asema offers professional software engineering and electrical engineering resources for connecting the systems together.

Because we have operated connected systems for years, we know which parts are risky in terms of uptime and performance and can optimize those bottlenecks. We also know the management and reporting tools needed to make systems self-healing and have them alert of anomalies.

Adaptive integration

Smart solutions choose the correct tool for the correct task, this applies also to picking the right networking and integration protocols from a toolkit of many.


An IoT system without proper security is like a factory built without doors into the middle of a warzone. This is why Asema has a dedicated security practice, solely focused on securing the assets no matter how, when and where they are connected.

We have practical experience in access control, intrusion detection, encryption, data protocol design, and protection against denial of service. All this is needed to make sure your systems never get exposed.

Monitor, detect, prevent, and manage security

Planning, precaution and preparation are principles we employ in designing systems that can for instance tell malfunctioning equipment from purposeful attacks to the system.


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